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Dollar is a currency used by more than 20 countries that include The United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand Singapore etc

Dollar is named after thaler, a large silver coin made in1518

  • It weights only 1 gram
  • Martha Washington, wife of George Washington is the one and only lady who has been portrayed in US Dollar ever.
  • The first $ note features Salmon P. Chase who was the Secretary of Treasury that time.
  • The $1 bill is the cheapest bill to produce – 5.4 cent for each note.
  • US currency is not made of paper, but made from 75% cotton and 25%linen.
  • The eagle printed on the back side of the bill represent war and peace
  • The pyramid on the back represent the young US, with 13 step represents original 13 colonies.
  • It takes a lot to tear the bill.
  • The bill is acceptable even if it is torn.
  • Last but not least, it is the breeding ground for bacteria.

By Ligi Jayamohan

I am an electronics engineering graduate .I am interested in stock market. Writing blogs on stock market

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